Fitness products curated by honest fitness professionals

Fithub is a side project that I began during the fall of 2016. I had a hankering to build a place where people can find fitness products recommended by honest fitness athletes, rather than sponsored professionals.

In conjunction with recommended products, Fithub is also a place to document the fitness journeys of said athletes. Documenting their journeys is a great way to associate their results with the products they recommend.

Currently, I’m in the process of scrupulously seeking out potential interviewees.


Displays all of our interviews. I utilized a card layout that includes a brief glimpse inside of the interview and a snapshot of the products that have been recommended. I plan on introducing filtering once the page is a little more populated with interviews.

Fithub home page The Fithub home page


Here I house every product that has been recommended by our interviewed athletes. The user can filter by latest or most popular and then filter down by category. The products are laid out in a shop “block” that I reuse all throughout the site; it features a brief overview, category, price, who uses it, and link to buy. I scour Amazon to make sure I’m finding the best deals on these products. I’m not monetizing at the moment, the focus is to simply provide as much value as possible to my users.

The shop page The shop page


A fairly unadorned layout with a max-width of 670px to maximize legibility. Anytime a product is recommended it gets placed in a shop “block”.

The interview page featuring our "shop-block"

The site was built using Jekyll and is currently hosted on Github pages.

Published October 2016